Friday Rota Creator - How To Use

So, how do you use the site?

Change Day of Week

This site was originally set up to calculate a rota for Fridays. But it can now accomodate any one day of the week of your choice.

However, be aware that changing the day of week of your rota will result in all the annual leave dates so far requested being deleted as they will be for the wrong day of the week.

Rota Settings

Limit - If not many workers have requested days off then there may be a large number of different valid rotas. When this number rises into the tens of thousands then the time needed to calculate these can run into hours or even days, resulting in the site freezing. To reduce the risk of this you can set a limit to the number of rotas you wish to calculate. The default value for this is 1,000.

In reality if there where this many valid rotas then having a computer calculating all of them would probably be unhelpful anyway and it should be easy to draw up a valid rota manually.

Minimum practitioners - The minimum number of practitioners needed to staff the practice on the day of the week in question.

Rota start date - The first date of the twelve week rota that you wish to calculate.

Bank Holidays

This shows the dates that you have set when the practice will be closed eg Bank Holidays. You have to set these yourself, in the next section. In this section you can select and delete dates when you are closed.

Add a Bank Holiday

Add one date at a time the dates when your practice will be closed eg Bank Holidays or any other days you wih to be removed from the rota.


Each practitioner is displayed along with the number of days that he/she works. You can completely remove a practitioner and all their details by clicking on delete. If you merely wish to delete some annual leave requests then click amend. This will take you to a page for this practitioner where you can add or delete annual leave requests and can amend their name and the number of days they work per 12 week rota.

Add a Practitioner

One at a time add the names of your practitioners and the number of days they should work in every twelve week rota (you can change this later).

When you have created your practitioners you can click on the "Amend" button for each one to add the "annual leave " (days off) requests for each practitioner.

Amend Practitioner

Each practitioner has a page where you can add or delete annual leave requests and can amend their name and the number of days they work per 12 week rota. These pages can be accessed by clicking on "Amend" on the set up page.