Online Purchase Checker - Introduction

When I get my credit card bill I go through it and make sure that I can account for every debit - this has several times revealed fraudulent debits made by criminals from my account.

However, the way some online sellers bill the credit card for multiple purchases makes this process difficult. For instance, if I make three purchases in one transaction, with prices £12.34, £56.78 and £90.12 then this may appear on my credit card bill as three separate payments which is easy to spot. However, it may appear as a total of the three which is harder to spot but not too hard. But the third way it can appear is eg £69.12 and £90.12 - when looking at the list of payments on the bill it is not obvious that £69.12 is the sum of £12.34 and £56.78. And as the number of items increases the number of permutations increases exponentially.

This site is my attempt to make this checking process easier. For an order involving multiple items you enter the individual item prices. The page will then display all the possible combinations and individual totals that these would create.