Dan's Room Calculator

I find I can visualise the dimensions of rooms far better in feet and inches than I can in metres. Unfortunately, here in the UK, some estate agents (realtors to Americans) only give the dimensions in metres. So I wrote this utility to convert from metric and also to calculate area.

You enter the details one room at a time, under where it says "Add new room". The dimensions should be entered in metres to no more than two decimal places (ie to an accuracy of 1cm). When you have added the room name and dimensions then click/tap "Add room/update". This will add the room to the page and will calculate and display the dimensions in feet and inches and the area in metric and imperial.

To alter a dimension simply alter and then click/tap "Add room/update". To delete a room click/tap on the "delete?" check box and then click/tap "Add room/update".

Please note that the results cannot be saved and will be lost if you leave the "Converter" page.

I hope you find this utility as useful as I have.

Disclaimer - I do not guarantee the accuracy of any calculations. This was written for my own use. Feel free to use it to help yourself visualise room dimensions. Please do not use these calculations for anything important without checking the results manually. Be aware that the imperial dimensions are calculated to the nearest inch and that imperial areas are calculated to the nearest square foot.